New Offshore Developments and Turbine Collapse In Scotland

In Wind Farm News This Week…

World’s First Floating Wind Farm Is A Go

One of the largest oil companies in the world, Statoil, has decided to significantly branch out by announcing a partnership with Masdar.

A renewable energy group based in Abu Dhabi, the company operates with funds totalling well over $500m USD. In an unexpected move, they have offered to take on 25% of the development risk in building the world’s first floating wind farm. Statoil have sold off a quarter off their assets in Hywind Scotland so that the project can go ahead.

Combining project management experience with high tech expertise, this is a positive step in taking wind farms further away from homes for good.

Green Light Is Given To Largest US Offshore Farm

Offshore wind farms have long been considered one of the soundest options for harnessing the power of the wind.

Far from the land, on the continental shelf, the power capacity of individual turbines is greatly increased. Companies can build their wind farms bigger, with little fear of opposition from campaigners.

In the States, local authorities are making the most of this convenience by planning what will be the largest offshore wind farm in the US, 30 km from the southeast of Long Island. Out of sight from those living in Queens and Brooklyn, with the distance also nullifying the noise, this is a wonderful example of smart wind farm planning.

The South Fork Wind Farm should provide enough power to light up 50,000 homes from the construction of only 15 turbines. Construction should begin in 2019, with the option of building more in the future.

Scottish Wind Farm Under Investigation

An investigation has been launched into Scottish Power Renewables after a wind turbine has suffered a critical failure and collapsed at a wind farm in Kilgallioch.

The turbine is part of a massive 96-unity site which is still under construction and due to be hooked up to the grid later this year.

The incident is reported to have occurred early in the morning on Friday 13th January – a spokesperson for the company said that they were currently investigating the collapse but confirmed that no one was near to the turbine at the time.

Once construction is completed and the farm is connected to the grid, it will be come the second largest in the UK and could provide 130,000 homes with power.